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Priors Marston Wedding Photography: Bride and Groom at Priors Marston


A page of my own with examples of work from commissions and weddings as well as images that I've made for myself. I will try to keep things reasonably up to date and intend to explain how I've taken a particular photograph, it's about composition lighting and expression. I hope that the page will prove useful and of interest. I'd welcome any feedback, comments or questions that you may have. Drop me a mail at

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Other Ways to Celebrate

Our German Bride is a member of the local Kapelle or town band, her groom is a volunteer fireman. You'll see the firemen on my home page with their arches of hose

Instructions on what is to come

The band's custom is for the bride and groom to saw a log together, it can't be that hard work Lisa!

Sawing a Log

Any chance that this will catch on here?

Bride and Groom Sawing a Log



Ever womdered what happens when a mighty river meets a cliff?


Lizzie and Tricky married at St Peter's Wormleighton a Grade-One listed Church of significant historic interest built around 1150. Ever the eccentric Lizzie arrived in dad's tractor seen below!

They entertained guests to a marvellous reception on Lizzies parents' farm near Priors Marston

The bride's father had arranged for a helicopter to take yours truly (left) up to get aerial shots, well done to Lizzie's bridesmaids for standing by the bride and Groom as ever our best men and ushers are elsewhere enjoying themselves

Wormleighton Wedding Photography: Bride and Bridesmaids at St Peter's Church, Wormleighton


Fantastic Wedding Photography: Bride with Champagne

"Well no one's asked before" said the couple's chauffeur when I asked him if I could use up some of his champagne in a formula 1 style celebration outside St Marys in Bletchley. My thanks to Louisa, the chaffeur and Kevin Wilson for helping me create the image above

Wedding Photographer at Dorridge

Dorridge Wedding Photography: Bride and Groom at St George and Teresa's, Dorridge

Wroxall Abbey

Wedding Photography: Bride and Groom at Wroxall Abbey, Warwickshire Wedding Photography: Bride at Wroxall Abbey, Warwickshire

I love wedding portraiture along with all the lighting challenges that it brings. It's not alway so sunny and colourful at the end of October so I take along my Lovell iLight to help warm things up a little, the exposures are longer but it just so much better than flash. Liz and Taff married at Wroxall Abbey Courtyard Venue

Liz, left looks so serene and the couple are gorgeous together in the picture above

Whilst the Abbey itself is the larger of the two wedding venues at Wroxall it is the courtyard which has the nicest suite of rooms. I was really rather pleased with my shot of Liz's final preparations below (she'd broken a shoe strap!)

Wedding Photography: Bridal preparations at Wroxall Abbey, Warwickshire

The Video

At last! I've put a video of recent images on my home page, take a look at my Warwickshire Wedding Photographer Video

Wedding Party at Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire

Kenilworth Castle

Rachel and Steven had already married stateside but came over for a small celebration with family members unable to travel. Splendid weather for a memorable afternoon in Kenilworth's historic castle grounds. I really like this semi formal group

A Hindhu Wedding

A few images from Nidhi and Bip's fantastic Asian Wedding at the Ramada Warwick and Chesford Grange

Hindhu Wedding 1 Hindhu Wedding 2 Hindhu Wedding 3 Hindhu Wedding 4 Hindhu Wedding 5 Hindhu Wedding 6 Hindhu Wedding 7

Stoneleigh Abbey

Wedding Photography: Bride and Groom at Stoneleigh Abbey, Warwickshire

Kate and Honore chose Stoneleigh Abbey for their reception having married at Kate's church St Nicholas, Warwick. Stoneleigh is especially grand with state rooms and cellar bar for the evening. We find them pictured above outside the rather grand main entrance with their wedding car and chauffeur

Honore is from Holland so he'd brought over a fair number of his Dutch relatives to be impressed by Stoneleigh's grandeur and his beautiful bride

Kate is pictured here above the Avon, especially dirveted to nring the river closer to the house by Lord Leigh's landscapers. It's an overcast day so we've added some light with the hand held Lowel iLight. Honore, left, didn't need any light. St Nicholas Warwick was being renovated and huge sheet of galvanised corrugated steel is a perfect reflector

Wedding Photography: Groom and his party at St Nicholas Church, Kenilworth, Warwickshire

Congratulations Rachel and Tom

Wedding Photography: Bride and her party at Christian Hair and Beauty, Kenilworth, Warwickshire

Tom with his groomsmen at St Nicholas Church Kenilworth make the image above. Christian Gibb closed his salon in Kenilworth for the first time ever so that Rachel and her bridesmaids could ready for Rachel and Tom's big day, and who ever said that group photographs were boring?. Watch this space for more images soon!

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